Good communication is the currency of modern business. It drives your product awareness and reputation. And perhaps even more important, it builds the goodwill that makes transactions between your company and your employees, shareholders and stakeholders possible.

With stakes this high, why sweat your communications budget? When you work with Gosselin PR, you can get all the communication help you need–without the expensive overhead. Gosselin PR is freelance based. That means, for most of your needs, you can rely on the expertise of company founder Susan Gosselin, who has more than 20 years of experience handling the PR needs of global, national and regional clients. And when extra services are needed– such as website/graphic design, social media management, or printing– our team of partners can be tapped to meet those needs, seamlessly. Best of all, you can do it all for a fraction of what it costs to hire a traditional PR agency.

Take some time to visit this site and learn more about the services we offer. We serve companies primarily in Indiana and Kentucky, but can do work for clients remotely anywhere in the world. We would love to talk to you. For ongoing tips, tricks and news analysis about the communications industry, sign up for the Gosselin PR newsletter today!

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