Three Steps to Finding Your Internal Content Leaders

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November 15, 2016

Three Steps to Finding Your Internal Content Leaders

You know you need to have a digital media strategy for your company. You know you need to blog, and work on your funnel, and drive traffic with something that approaches coordination with your other media channels. But how do you take your company and its products and turn it into something that makes interesting reading?

Easy—just get to know your internal content leaders.

Yes, you have them, because every company does. They are the people who hold your institutional knowledge. And it’s the inside story these people can offer that are the key to creating compelling content.

While no two organizations are the same, of course, I find that most organizations can uncover their best content by looking in these places:

Step One:  Look to Product Development

Nothing is more newsy than the newest product developments coming from your company. What are you developing? What’s on the minds of your developers? Where do they think the industry is heading? What trends do they see emerging? What would they show people in a behind the scenes tour of their product development process? What are they most excited about?

Particularly if you are developing technology, or tech tools, there are endless opportunities for stories here. Your head of product development could become your new best friend, so don’t shy away from giving him or her a soapbox. Let them show their pride in their work, and their product. Nothing is more authentic than that.

Step Two:  Talk To Sales

Your sales team is your front line. They are the people who are out there in the trenches, selling your product every day. They have their hand on the pulse of the customer. What is on the customer’s mind? What are their problems? What problems are their using your product to solve? How is that working for your customers? What trends are they seeing? What customers make good case studies? What customers might be willing to get on camera or be interviewed for a story?

You see where I’m going with this. Your sales team could be a vast treasure trove of information for your company, and ultimately for the people who read your blog posts or watch your videos or listen to your podcasts. Use them.

Step Three:  Mine Customer Service

If your sales people are your advancing army, your customer service team are your backup troops. They are also in the trenches with the customers each day, helping them work through their product issues. What are the common issues customers have? How are they using your product to fix them? What are the tips and tricks about your products that most customers don’t know? What are the capabilities they haven’t found or used, that they should be using? What’s going wrong? What’s going right?

All these things could be great fodder not just for customer research, but for your content development.

Now these are just three areas of your company we’ve explored here. Imagine how much more you could gather if you talked to the people on your shop floor, or had lunch with your best customers? Nine tenths of any good content, or corporate communications, for that matter, comes from the news you find when you get out from behind your desk.

So go forth, and find your stories. You’ll soon find, there are more of them than you ever expected.